This is a reflective writing piece. I suggest you table this section until you want to think deeply about conflict, the power of myth, the synchronicities of life, and what brought you to a conflict resolution website.  

          The first Lawlady logo I used was designed by my friend a graphic designer, whom I deeply admired for her sharp, clean work.  The core image was a eucaplytus leaf with a woman for the first website that you can found archived on the internet at 

          I was practicing HOLISTIC LAW in 1998.  My legal services at and Lawlady, Inc.  were very boutique holistic amicable law divorces and soulful divorce packages.  I served a legal client base who were the  old guard artists, tech industry, regular and beautiful people who make Seattle so Seattle. It was a beautiful, emotionally rich way to practice law. I love rereading what is written about me in J. Kim Wright's book Lawyers as Peacemakers. You can find a copy of the PDF on line of my segment.  This describes how symbolically and reverently my clients treated their divorce.  We also got the job done simply and efficiently for a great set rate (unless you had a complex case). 

          I was also so excited with, online "Networking that Doesn't Suck." They held a contest in 2009 for an entrepreneur documentary prepared by its founder Dan, and his wife Lara. Dan was my client and can give a referral about my prenuptial agreement flat fee packages.  You can see Shine, the Entrepreneur's Journey on line and watch me in my 11th year running the Lawlady brand.   

          Those years of rapid expansion, hiring 7 staff members, investing and buying a commercial real estate property for Washington's first collaborative law center,  felt so bold and powerful.  I loved being "The Lawlady." I was sort of egotistical about the name now that I think about it. I swaggered around, "I'm the LAWLADY."  I felt very empowered to be breaking a new way for lawyering and being called by international media for interviews on my signature holistic divorce rituals.  

           We had a t-shirt line, lime green  pens.  I felt powerful.  One year I suggested to the Roosevelt community to allow us to host a LAWLADY PAGEANT during Roosevelt days.  We did booths at professional events.  I felt on the top of the world being THE LAWLADY. I loved our fresh black and white oval logo we put outside the Roosevelt house. We had a divorce and break up garden in the back.  

          Now, its as clear as day to me.  Lennie Rasmussen, my trusty paralegal (a Delta Gamma Sorority Sister, a new graduate from University of Washington) and Adrienne Keith my valuable associate (just graduated from Univ. of Madison Law School) were equal Lawladies to me. They were bright, hardworking, exacting, professional, driving, with great execution of legal services.  We made a solid team. 

          Around 2007-ish, perhaps I should have released founder control and made the power and ownership of LAWLADY more egalitarian.  I held onto ownership too tight. This is a very common entrepreneur tendency of Founders.  You can see my thinking about entreprenuership on Dan's Biznik entrepreneur documentary, SHINE- THE ENTREPRENEUR'S JOURNEY. I say in that documentary that being an entrepreneur is about about the ability to go it alone and "make something out of nothing."  I didn't have a complete team focus and approach like I do now 10 years late.   I thought I was THE LAWLADY, singular and going onto Oprah very soon when I opened a LAWLADY Divorce Center in every mall in America.  Somehow I think I was thinking I was going to somehow do that pretty much by myself somehow.  

          I burned out my adrenals.  I got tired. I wanted to write divorce books at the beach at my (then) boyfriend's house in Bellingham and teach my practice and practice my holistic divorce and wills law practice.  



          That original LAWLADY logo glyph was the marker to remind myself what I felt was unique about what I was offering at Lawlady, Inc. - A Boutique Holistic and Collaborative Law Practice in Seattle, Washington.  

          I would ocaissionally rely on the glyph to guide me as to a proper course.  The symbol is an Asian drawing of me,  a woman attorney, holding the book of knowledge in my left rm and extending the hand of friendship with my right hand.  

          MUCH LATER, in  2015, I was in SeaTac building a PERMACULTURE GARDEN MEDIATION AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION CENTER.  I was surfing the internet.   I found Goddess Eirene.  She's a Goddess who carries a baby in her left arm, the baby of fortune and wealth, and she carries a staff in the right hand that looks like she's extending the hand of friendship. It was the very characture I thought up in 1998 for the original LAWLADY logo, for holistic conflict resolution and peaceful holistic law service packages.  

This Goddess Eirene is the Goddess of Peace.

She's a Greek and Roman Goddess.  The logo design created in 1998 for, designed by my really great friend at the time, looks rather exactly like the statue of Eirene if you remove the staff from her right hand.  

          I studied and read about this Goddess of Peace Irene.  She helps people learn to live within the rules of nature.  If we live an orderly, well paced, and organized life, wealth begins to accrue in our lives and abundance begins to manifest in the world around you.  This is how we begin to create peace from chaos, war. 

          Goddess Eirene / Goddess Irene / Goddess of Peace.  To me, the Goddess of Peace is who I look to when working at She helps me guide clients to peace. It was my intention in opening the Quane Mediation and Peace Center at SeaTac that someday we will host  conflict resolution ceremonies and marriage ceremonies.  Before I die, I plan to erect a statue in honor of the Goddess of Peace.  The land is being preserved into a trust to remain the Quane Mediation and Peace Center.  This is a comfortable get-away destination for mediation and conflict resolution near the airport at SeaTac.  

          We need to get to learn how to achieve PEACE on earth.  These are scary times. People are angry.  Most adults have poor relationship skills and untreated attachment bonding issues that create hostile people. Hostile people get embroiled in conflicts that sting, stunt your growth and ruin your future.  

          I believe truly that prayer, spirituality, ritual, ceremony, and other sacred things like a speaking and listening circle can help our aroused mammalian and reptilian brains relax. And from these places of relaxation, the frontal cortex of self control and adult thoughtful contemplation and good choices is activated. It's the first step to calming down  and finding a people solution to the people problem. 

          Goddess Eirene guides that process. She's a teaching tool.  For some, Lawlady may mean the statute of liberty, or Columbia the female symbol of the land underneath the USA, just like Britania is the female embodiment of Britain.  

          I see that there are other Lawladies starting to self identity out there on the internet.. You've found your own LAWLADY VOICES. Good for you.  I hope you tap into the energizing focus that I have by connecting with this Goddess of Peace Archetype I call Lawlady.   

          I look forward to training those people who want to join me in bringing peaceful conflict resolution services into the world. I realize now it takes a village and I consider LAWLADY to be synonymous with peacekeeping and creating connection.  

America, and the world, deeply needs what Lawlady, Inc has to offer.  

​       I look forward to becoming a part of your world over my next 27 years in the legal industry.  

       Please research Goddess Eirene (Irene). She leads us to a better way to comport ourselves on earth for a more peaceful, harmonious and loving earth experience. 

       It is my goal to be as virtuous as Goddess Eirene, when I'm acting in my role as founder and president of She's a bad-ass brand.  But more, she's a bad-ass archetype of energy that is much needed in the world. We need people boldly working for a more peaceful world. 


                                                            Stefani "Lawlady"Quane, J.D.

Copyright © online beginning July 28, 1998 . All rights reserved. 



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"Lawlady" is an Archetype of the Goddess of Peace