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Stefani Quane graduated from University of Washington in 1986 with a BA in Economics with honors.  She was a Delta Gamma Sorority member.  She interned as a drug investigator for the Public Defender's Office of Seattle and for CASA investigating CPS & child harm cases.

Next, Stefani Quane attended University of Wisconsin, Madison School-of-Law. She interned at the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. She received a decree of Doctor-of-Law in May 1989.  Trial advocacy, legal writing and legislation drafting were her strengths. She dean's listed several semesters and graduated top 35%. 

LAW FIRM CAREER, 1989 - 1997

After graduating, Stefani Quane worked for Drew, Eckl and Farnham of Atlanta, GA;   Schwabe, Williamsom of Seattle and Portland; Reeve, Shima;  Forsberg and Umlauf; and Hackett, Beecher and Hart.  These are top notch firms with exacting standards for excellence. I was well trained from the beginning doing fast paced, long hours, and doing legal defense litigation work.  I performed many administrative hearings, wrote motion briefs, took doctor depositions, and prepared and argued summery judgment motions. She received good reviews from her prior law employers.  

During this phase of life, Stefani Quane became personally interested in and developed skills in healing modalities such as authentic movement, feldenchris method, cranial sacred therapy, voice dialog, astrology, Gaia worship, Women of Wisdom conference,  yoga, Jungian psychology, mythology, creative self expression, and the work of Julia Cameron and Barbara Sher.   She attended a year training in film at University of Washington. 


October 1997,  Stefani Quane left the practice of law without a strong sense of her next step. She had savings and decided to rethink her career.  She committed to finding work in the world that suited her skills, talents and interests.

Over 6 months, Stefani Quane decided to be self-employed as a holistic divorce boutique law firm called Lawlady.com on the internet.  She was one of the first lawyer websites on the web and her GoDaddy account number is in the 600,000 level.   She joined Women Business Owners and Women's Business Exchange in the early 2000s and was voted best networker by the WBE.  She wrote a Lawlady Advice Legal Column for the monthly women's entrepreneur community magazine VERVE: A Women's Network.  She was a regular writer for the King County Bar Bulletin.

Stefani Quane fused traditional amicable legal services and the healing modalities that are very prevalent in Seattle.  Specially selected holistic services might include psycho-drama, ceremonial and ritual, and relationship skills instruction like active listening.

The law practice was advertised in the PCC and grew to the point it made sense to expand to a Victorian commercially zoned house that Stefani Quane bought as an investment.   

With the help of the talented attorney Adrienne Keith now Keith Mediation and Law, and paralegal Lennie Rasmussen now a clerk to the Spokane Superior Court, LAWLADY, INC competantly serviced clients with pioneering, holistic law services, mediation, collaborative divorce, and wills and trusts.  

LAWLADY.com and Stefani Quane were interviewed by the local Roosevelt newspaper and written about in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, a magazine from Japan, Seattle's Child Magazine, local radio stations, a magazine from Canada.  People from all over the world were calling about the holistic practice of adding ceremony and ritual that Stefani Quane was practicing with willing and interested clients.  Not all clients choose the holistic law approach and generic basic divorce and will packages were offered to clients as well.  


Stefani Quane was Washington's first collaborative lawyer.  "I met Pauline Tesler and Stu Webb at International Alliance of Holistic Attorney events. I was hooked on this modality the moment it was explained.  I came back to Seattle and immediately started Seattle Collaborative Law with attorney David Huber. This group transformed and became Washington Collaborative Law which was renamed into King County Collaborative Law which remains today a thriving collaborative law group.  

I wish to thank and acknowledge the team effort it took to become a functioning collaborative law community.  Thanks to Joe Shaub, Jeff Shushan, Michael Fancher with Seattle Divorce Services, Susan Goplen, Holly and Rachel.  

With my collaborative team, we trained the first wave of professionals in Washington to use the collaborative law model. I handled Washington's first collaborative law case.  


Stefani Quane, Adrienne Keith and Lennie Rasmussen ran LAWLADY.COM in the 2000s. Our marketing and branding was the bomb.  We were Lawlady going 40 pages deep on Google. 

We highly encourage visitors to go to Archive.org where you can see the LAWLADY.COM website in history.  We're proud of what we looked like. I'm just sad we don't have pictures from that sight. The technology was not advanced enough in its archiving.  

The signature service during the 2000s were:

  • Lawlady's Sacred Divorce Experience package,
  • Lawndal's flat-fee amicable divorce package,
  • Lawlady's prenuptial agreement package,
  • Lawlady's wills and trusts package, 
  • Lawlady's basic conflict resolution package,  
  • Lawlady's collaborative law divorce package and
  • Lawlady's mediation for divorce package.

We did a few trials during that time on an hourly rate.  We won a big one. I used holistic auxiliary services to keep my clients very physically taken care of during the grueling several week (intermittent days) trial.  

The branding colors during this phase was eucalyptus green and lavender for the astringent and healing properties of law. "The logo glyph was a figure drawn in Asian style on that leaf selected from my yard.  The design was my design vision executed beautifully and powerfully by a dear friend of mine and an awesome graphic designer."  The logo included a Asian style brush stroke of Stefani Quane as the Lawlady extending the hand of friendship while carrying the book of knowledge.  Later we added an oval element to signify the LAWLADY universe and our sphere of influence.  

The first brochure was beautiful lavender with shots from our will packet that included a rice paper cover.  Our lables were of faint photographs of a lavender and eucalyptus bouquets I made from scratch from cuttings in the yard.  This was a signature element and what I would bring to our first meetings.  I met the client for the first time in a place of high honor and human compassion. They are meeting a stranger who is going to be their life line and personal guide during a most challenging human relationship and social development process. This is tricky human mammal behavior and real life money and time at stake.  We were a trusted, loving, open hearted, smart and dedicated service provider.  

The brand developed into Facebook and social media postings about Stefani Quane and the Occupy Movement and the traveling Lawlady Sign and Stefani Quane's signature LAWLADY license plates that she's had since the early 02000s.  

The new color pallet of a baby blue sky happened in 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin.  The red letters and red accents with a red star, red cowboy boots, red stitching become our signature look along with the simple LAWLADY, INC in a black oval resonating for the Occupy Movement.  Stefani Quane's personal life twitter is MadRenaissance. 


"I define holistic law as:  providing clients with a healing, loving legal experience, and working to make it spiritually safe for an emotional release.  It is deeply meaningful and touching work to assist a client during a tough transition. I wrote a blog about my work during the 2006, 2007 era at Roosevelt in Seattle lawlady@typepad.com.  

J. Kim Wright noticed my unique form of divorce. She featured my holistic, sacred divorce process in her book Lawyers as Peacemakers.   To me,  holistic law is about being present and acknowledging that the client is going through a very human and raw experience. Sometimes during divorce a person isn't at their best and appreciates a professional who is willing to walk through that terrible time with them as a trusted guide.  "Trusted Guide" is critical.  Can you trust your lawyer?  There's two parts to being a lawyer. Being good with the timing and paperwork, and then being good with the human-being client.  A holistic lawyer deals with the client from two angles. Its a complex and sacred relationship of trust.

That's why it's important the attorney is a student of truth.  Personal truth, social truth, online truth."    


On 2010, after servicing about 600 clients mostly for divorce,  Stefani Quade went on a year sabbatical for the 2010 year.  "My granny died and it was hard.  I trained in couple's relationship work, matchmaking, how to make relationships heal, relationship skills. I was trained in the Majamudra lineage of Tanta with Source Tantra.com and Shawn Roop.  I was given the name Disha Shamita. This means Shakti Who Walks in the Way of Peace.  Which means, Feminine Energy that Moves for Peace.  I trained also with Charles Muir, Reid Mahalco of ReidaboutSex.com, Kamala Devi, Destin Gerrick, Eric Francis of Planet Waves, an astrologer, Arielle Ford, and the Author of Consciously Uncoupling and Calling in the One."  

In January 2011, Madison, Wisconsin erupted in a massive citizen protest and Stefani Quane was pulled to go and experience this civil action event.   While in Madison for 12 months,  she became educated with the Legal Observer role promoted by the National Lawyers Guild.   Legal Observers are on hand at mass demonstrations to shoot IPhone footage and tell police and protestors they are being filmed by a lawyer.    

While in  Madison, the Occupy Movement happened and Stefani became very active in this movement.   Stefani Quane also mentored a class at Grassroots Leadership College and assisted with fundraising at the Grassroots Leadership College Fundraiser.  She studied Amy Mondolach prepare protestors for arrest.  This is a psychological process used by Ghandi and Martin Luther King.  

In 2011,  Stefani Quane became a marijuana activist while in Madison, Wisconsin.  She joined and volunteered for Madison NRML.  

Also, while in Madison,  she pitched investors to join her in the LAWLADY.COM expansion at Investor Pitch nights, Bar Camp, Start Up Weekend, Makers Meetups, and local neighborhood meetings and the Madison Chamber of Commerce and Madison Entreprenuer Meet ups. She created the video series content and some trial Youtubes that eventually were not posted on the internet.  As a joke she created Lawlady for President youtube channel. She was going to have a country Western Theme, ask Donald Trump to hire her to VP to give his presidency legitimacy.  She was going to put red cowboy boots on the lawlady brand and make it a country theme. 

She loves to sing on stage at a people's uprising.  She's loud on stage as you can see on her Stefani Quane Facebook page.   


In August 2012, Stefani Quane returned to Seattle, Washington and attended Hempfest.  She met Omar Figuero, a associate of Tony Sera's in the Bay area.  These lawyers are leading cannabis attorneys pushing how the laws of cannabis unfold.   Figuero convinced her to practice cannabis law.  She began actively participating in the Seattle cannabis legalization effort.  She joined the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics; the Cannabis Action Coalition; Women of Weed; and the ACBG, Association for Cannabis Breeders and Growers. She instructed at the Washington Cannabis Institute. 

Since January 2013, Stefani Quane has served about 50 cannabis clients (patients, MMJ shop owners, I502 license applicants, investors). 

"I thought it was important that if I was going to hold myself out as a cannabis attorney I needed to apply for an I502 retail license to  sell legal cannabis so I could relate to the special needs of my clients.  I never got a license. I lost the lottery and scored a priority 3.  I appealed  the holding of the October 2014 second round to the governor. I will eventually upload that good legal work for general public consumption.  Check back.  

"I am now a small owner and marketing/ branding director of two cannabis related companies.   Investors are being sought.  Allied affiliates are being approached.  Brand lines shall be launched in the summer.  Stay tuned.  Those brands will be posted on this website for readers to learn about. The cannabis industry exploded and it was meaningful to be so close to this business and law action.  My Cannabis Company name is Quene.org, the same spelling as Anne Bolyn.  I became infactuated with that brand and let the lawlady.com brand slide a bit in wonderfulness. But I considered the Lawlady brand to be "me."  And when it was August 2012 to December 1, 2016 I defined myself as a cannabis attorney serving the special needs of the cannabis community."   My cannabis brands under my control and management are: Mrs. Marijuana.com and Quene.org.  I work with a cannabis company in the Greenwood Neighborhood beside Have a Heart who is our neighbor.  


During the past 5 years, Stefani Quane has continued her divorce and conflict resolution case practice. She handled the most complex divorces in her career involving multiple courts and severe and unfair parental alienation.   She studied the Bill Eddy High Conflict Institute method for dealing with high conflict people.  She found she has a gift for temporary restraining order legal work. "No one should let a TRO situation go without deep and thorough legal preparation. The ramifications of this court procedure can haunt your life later. Be very careful about this," she warns.   

Stefani Quane currently is passionate about marketing and practicing her Conflict Resolution and Family Law Program using a range of conflict resolution modalities like collaborative law, holistic law, mediation, binding arbitration, regular settlement negotiations, parenting coordination, and ceremony and ritual, online adult education, movement, and other items designed with input from the applicant client. These programs are geared to help clients achieve soul deep release in times of severe hardship and protracted conflict.  

The pain of conflict can be so debilitating you can barely function.  This is where the LAWLADY System for Conflict Resolution is such a relief.  



Stefani Quane has a theater background with the Boise Little Theater. She's finished the Toastmaster 10 Series.  She's been an associate member of the local chapter of the National Speaker's Bureau. 

She has presented over 30 signature courses, special talks, seminars, CLE's to a wide range of organizations including Washington State Bar Association, King County Bar Association, University of Washington Law School, Seattle University Law School, International Alliance of Holistic Attorneys, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the Washington State Astrological Association, Discover U, Boise Hempfest, Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, and Seattle Cannabis Freedom March. 

Stefani Quane speaks on a long list of topics. She's an excellent keynote and impromptu speaker.  Her subjects include:

  • holistic law
  • entrepreneur options for attorneys
  • how to be a happy attorney
  • the collaborative law process
  • how to make low-budget collaborative law teams
  • how to read, write and speak like an attorney 
  • sacred divorce
  • adult relationship skills to avoid divorce, have a good relationship, and avoid conflict
  • why conflict resolution is so important 
  • astrology is real and here's its messages for a legal client
  • how to de-conflict and heal your painful corporate culture
  • how to make a money in cannabis now
  • how to change the world so the future is good
  • how circumcision is child abuse and a sin
  • good ways to make money suing people 
  • how to change the world for the better by bringing strategic lawsuits and which ones to bring
  • how to break out of your problem and get a life you love
  • the money system and why sustainability is the future
  • legalities of music dance sacred smoke party puja and other sex related legal considerations


Dear New Client and Online Community, 

I, Stefani Quane, am passionate about conflict resolution.  I'm well trained in holistic modalities, ancient conflict resolution systems, and psychological programs to assist clients release conflict out of their lives.  I study conflict resolution as my primary career focus and I'm delighted to know I have 27 more years of legal work ahead of me.  My dad, Jeremiah A. Quane, J.D., is still going to work at Quane Law of Idaho at age 82. I intend to follow in his footsteps.

LAWLADY, INC. was incorporated as a Washington State Profit Corporation Law Firm on November 24, 2003.  I changed the language with the Secretary of State for LAWLADY, INC. on November 30, 2013 to reflect the company was going to be in the legal services, not law business, providing conflict resolution.  The future is for LAWLADY, INC to not be a law firm and not to be the law practice of Stefani L. Quane, J.D.  The future is to become a leader in online conflict resolution services using a signature approach designed by Stefani L. Quane, J.D. after a career of 27 years and being a child of domestic conflict herself. 

Stefani L. Quane, J.D. will practice law as a solo holistic attorney at Stefani Quane.com.  Eventually, she will have have a website for her private law practice at StefaniQuane.com. She currently solicits juicy legal projects priced at a starting price of $12,000.  You get a complimentary Beta Test of one Lawlady Programs, if you pay your lump sum legal fee in a non-refundable up-front fee.  

LAWLADY.COM is moving forward with one product line: Conflict Resolution Programs. This is a slight and important distinction from  Stefani L. Quane's Holistic Law Practice.   The purpose of the Lawlady brand is to provide a signature conflict resolution program.   For clients with personal legal matters, Stefani L. Quane, J.D. accepts as a client for her solo law practice truly unique, exceptional, loving, wealthy, deserving, socially conscious, good people with compelling legal challenges that require a right brained, INFP, artistically-oriented, holistic attorney with 27 years experience in the legal system.

How do you resolve hard conflicts easier, more gently and more completely? 

TheLawlady Program of Conflict Resolution provides the answer.

STEFANI L. QUANE, J.D is a solo attorney for a niche holistic law clientele.  

"This is the work I was meant to do," says Stefani Quane.  I'm actually very good at facilitating transformative events and visioning a better future for my clients. I have had at least 600 clients to date."


Stefani Quane types fast, provides evening hours, and  communicates using email and texting.  She's skilled in a variety of legal skills from court room interventions for restraining order needs through holistic, collaborative and mediation resolutions of family conflicts.  She has hundreds of supplemental hours of training in softer approaches to conflict resolution that get to the heart of the painful parts of conflict. 

Stefani Quane is virtual serving an elite client list.  She also mediates at her  peaceful, permaculture office oasis located at the intersection of SeaTac and Des Moines, zip code 98198. Stefani Quane has been a pioneering attorney in holistic, integrative and collaborative law. These approaches consider the entire family system, the economy, the client's values, and the psychological drama unfolding. 

Stefani Quane is serving on a volunteer Integrative Law Committee for the American Bar Association in 2017 with her mentor, personal friend and lawyer coach J. Kim Wright, of CuttingEdgelaw.com.

Ms. Wright can give a reference for the scope of Ms. Quane's work.  Other references provided upon request.


The lawlady brand is the beloved child of Stefani Quane. She almost sold the domain in 2008 for $125,000.  She's also seeing other Lawladies pop up on the internet.  She believes in the power of women, the strong imagery of the lawlady mythos, the power of the name, and is committed to creating a positive brand on the internet.    

If you are interested in becoming a certified partner/ associate/ trainer/ service provider/ referral partner attorney, contact Stefani Quane to co-create a powerful LAWLADY presence in the world.

Stefani holds most dear the values of PEACE.  LAWLADY, for her, is about bringing peace to people's lives through conflict resolution.

She has found her calling in life and desires to live as long as her dad and to practice as long as he has. He's 82 and still thriving at QUANELAW.com.  He's Jeremiah A. Quane.

Stefani Quane is also her mother's daughter. Her mother was a school teacher.  Stefani Quane considers herself as much a teacher as attorney.  She is natural on stage and engages clients with her obvious compassion, honesty, emotional vulnerability, humor and solid educational programming.  You will see her 2017 events posting coming soon.  Check back.



AS FOUNDER OF Lawlady, Inc. 

Stefani  L. Quane, J.D.

Washington Holistic Attorney

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