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Legal services are provided at a variety

of location options. 


   ​Lawlady Stefani L. Quane J.D., provides legal services

in a holistic, collaborative, integrative, and smart manner. 

She handles all aspects of family law and 

divorce for clients in Western Washington.

Her services include:

Mediation of Couple Conflicts

All phases of a Divorce

QDRO Orders

Contract Negotiation for Couples

Temporary Restraining Orders 

Parenting Plans

Child Support Orders

Parenting Coordination

Prenuptial Agreements  

Powers of Attorney, Wills and Trusts

Our family law situation involved a drug addicted father to our grandchild. The case went to trial.  The outcome with Stefani Quane and was spectacular and are family was blessed with an excellent judicial outcome.  Annonymous 



Daniel Pink, in his New York Times Best Seller Whole New Mind How Right Brained People will save the world, describes Stefani Quane's abilities as a demonstration of the principle of Symphony Thinking, able to see the big picture from all the parts.


  STEFANI  Lawlady QUANE, J.D.  

ATTORNEY STEFANI L. QUANE, J.D. has handled 860 legal matters in her career. She has 33,000 hours of legal experience and training, and has achieved the Distinguished Award with Martindale Hubbell. She been practicing law since 1989 and in 1998 began pioneering innovative, holistic divorce processes.  She has 7 years of experience representing the special family law needs of those in the cannabis industry.  She is confident in the courtroom as well as being skilled in mediation and other non-court interventions. She is the grandmother of the King County Collaborative Law Group and has been practicing collaborative law since 2000. Her work has been featured in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Seattle's Child Magazine and she has been published in the Washington Bar Association Magazine and the King County Bar Newspaper. Family law is her calling and she continues to love the practice of law after 27 years.  She is a second generation attorney. Her father is Jerry Quane of  You can find her legal profiles, rating and reviews at, American's leading lawyer directory and review source. Quane presents at local law schools and serves on the American Bar Association's training committee for Integrative Law.  Her holistic approach blends law with healing modalities. 




Stefani Quane is a example of a symphony thinker, says Daniel Pink in his book Whole New Mind:  How Right Brainers Will Rule the Future 

​​"Stefani Quane is an amazing attorney and I have been a satisfied law client of hers since 2001.  I highly recommend her services."  Sean Cook, President of a technology based company Communications Solutions Resources

​​"Lawlady Stefani Quane is a peacemaking attorney trailblazing a path in conflict resolution and family law. I discuss her holistic divorce in my book, Lawyers as Peacemakers," says J. Kim Wright.